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Guitar Hero: Smash Hits 2?

Guitar Hero Smash Hits

They should put the Bonus Songs from GH 1, 2 and 3 too! And in Smash Hits was missing:

No one like you - Scorpions

Sweet Child O' Mine - Guns n' Roses

Hanger 18 - Megadeth

Because it's midnight - lemosine

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slashooow wrote:


Hanger 18 - Megadeth

That is now available in the Megadeth Track Pack that was released today.

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walkthisway98 wrote:


slashooow wrote:


Hanger 18 - Megadeth

That is now available in the Megadeth Track Pack that was released today.

OMG!!! I totally forgot about the Megadeth Track Pack coming out today

My brain is going a million different directions lately

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Ramaxis wrote:


I don't think sweet child of mine (which was in GH2, not GH3) or welcome to the jungle will be in any new GH game, since Slash and Axel are still fighting and Axel stated in an interview that he is distancing himself from the old Guns 'n Roses. So it's simply not gonna happen.

I agree with you to a point, but Axl isn't really "distancing" himself...he still plays TONS of old GN'R in concert, as does Slash...

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I think they're stupid for not making a SH2. They left out SO MANY epic tracks and I think the next game could have a much better setlist than the first one. The first setlist was weak. That was far from their greatest hits.

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I just want DWDTG and Jordan avaible as a full band. When these are made into WoR I'll be happy

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they cant do such a thing like that but fist gh6 is the last one and second i think its better do a remake than other guitar in that case

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I highly doubt there is any possibility of a smash hits 2 since GH is having a hard enough time making money from new songs. But, if they did, it would be songs from world tour, metallica, GH5, maybe WoR, maybe DJ hero and band hero. I agree it was a little lame that no other bonus songs were in GHSmiley FrustratedH =( but most of the bonus songs weren't very well known outside GH, and, well, weren't smash hits

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