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Drumming on e-drum with MIDI connection

Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock

Hello all,


I am a bit afraid that I will not get the answer, but I am desperate, since I checked everything I could find, but nothing helps.


I want to play guitar hero with my e-drum (Yamaha DTX450K). This e-drum has an USB-B female port on it, which makes it difficult.

On other videos and forums and posts I seen people connect their Roland e-drum easily, since it has a MIDI port. However, I cannot find a simple way to connect the guitar hero WOR drum to the Yamaha DTX450K drum.


Right now I have a MIDI cable and an USB-B male to USB-A male cable:


I have found 1 forum of someone connecting these two cables with an USB-A female to USB-A female connector, but there is no information about if it works.


I really really really hope someone can help me with this. I have been trying it for about 2 weeks now and I am desparate.




Thanks in advance,



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Registered: ‎27-11-2014

I guess this is what you may need:



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