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GH:WoR Guitar

Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock

in reply to MrSprinkles666

MrSprinkles666 wrote:


that reminds me, in March my whammy bar snapped of my GH4 guitar! How do i put it back?

I need to get another spring for my whammy bar... mine fell out of my GHWT guitar ages ago and the only thing keeping it up is a pair of rubber bands.

Oh yeah, and I also want to do this fix ( so that my whammy bar doesn't keep sagging into my pants leg every time I play. Even better is when the whammy bar catches on said pants leg when I try to whammy a note, and I end up slamming the strum bar instead. ._.

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in reply to MrSprinkles666

My guitar already broke the knob that holds the strap on the guitar broke. Cheap a** plastic sh*t. I don't think there is anyway I can get a replacement because the guitar still works. I guess I will have to play it sitting down or use my GH5 guitar. (Which I think is better anyway.)

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in reply to MrSprinkles666

I'm having this weird glitch where everytime i strum my GH controller disconnects. Using a WOR controller on xbox. Anybody else having this issue?

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