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Gameshare (360 only)

Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock


If anyone has these packs, let me know. I'd like to do an lt for them


Ferret/metal blade pack


A thousand suns


Bob Seger pack


Smashing pumpkins pack


Blink 182 pack


Sum 41 pack


P.O.D pack


Warriors of rock pack 01


Breaking Benjamin pack


Southern Rock pack


Vagrant Records pack


Death Magnetic




World tour, metallica, smash hits and band hero imports


All hallows' eve pack


Disturbed pack


AFI pack


Avenged Sevenfold pack


Modern Rock mega pack


Stone Temple Pilots pack


Megadeth pack


Phoenix pack


Rock 1 pack


February mega pack


Australian Rock pack


30 seconds to mars pack


Classic Rock pack (world tour)


Eagles of Death Metal pack


Knuckle Sandwich pack


OK Go pack


Classic Rock pack 3 (gh5)


Travis Barker pack


Queen track pack (wt and 5)


Nirvana pack


Boss battle pack (wt)


Eagles pack


Bruce springsteen pack


European pack 04


Pixies pack


Epitaph punk o rama pack


Creedence clearwater revival pack


80s track pack


Shinedown pack


Kiss-mas pack


January mega pack


Billy Squier pack

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