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The National Pension Service will be established as the highest decision-making body of the National

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Shin Jae-woo, a reporter for Yonhap News Agency, said, "The Fund Management Committee, the highest-ranking organization of the National Pension Service, will become a permanent organization with a separate secretariat. In order to enhance the professionalism of fund management, the committee will also create new requirements for membership of the committee and give the committee the right to wealth on the agenda. 

The Ministry of Health and Welfare reported the plan to the National Pension Fund Management Committee, which was held at the Plaza Hotel in central Seoul on Wednesday. 

There is a strong public demand to increase the토토사이트 long-term return rate of the national pension fund to ensure the aged income, said Park Yoon-hoo, chairman of the fund management committee, in response to this. 

The fund management committee will be reorganized into a structure in which members with expertise participate in the decision-making process of fund management and are responsible for the outcome.

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