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newbie looking for help please!

Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock

I'm new, so bare with me, i can get my drums to work, but im having trouble with the guitar...when i press the buttons, they light up on the tv recognizing that im pressing them...but i dont get credit for anything...and should i be hearing clicking noises when i press the buttons? thanks for any help!

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Are you strumming?

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Try the tutorial's in the menu, you may find them helpfull

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Hold the colored buttons down on the guitar, and when the colored 'gems' cross over the bar of notes at the bottom of the string, strum the plastic strum bar on the guitar.

That's how you hit the 'notes'.

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If you're certain that you're hitting the right button on the right color gems and the notes aren't hitting then you may need to calibrate your guitar... try doing that, it may fix your problem... seems like that's the issue here... good luck...

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If you are playing on an HD TV (those big flatscreen widescreen things without a box on the back) you might need to check your calibration settings in the options menu.

And I would recommend checking out the tutorials, as someone else mentioned.

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i dont think callibration is the issue here, since apparently his drums work fine.

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Are you strumming? The note will only activate the time you strum up or down So choose the note and press it and at the same time strum. Have a look at the tutorial. Hope that helps.

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When playing on drums, be loose to keep a good rhythm. Hold your sticks correctly. I personally use the German Matchstick. it can be learned in tutorials. On guitar, play while correctly having your fingers over the fret buttons. That's enough for now. Now get out there and show them who's boss!!!

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